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TOTIME ANNUAL PARTY Date: July28th, 2018 Place: Dalian, China

When it comes to company's annual party, people would easily think of lots of food and drinks, but we as an energetic and innovative company in China, we've decided to make our company's annual party into some sport event from this year. Holding sports event would officially become one of our cooperate cultures from this year. Every year, we have our annual party in summer as it is a very good season for party. We used to have our annual party near one of the beaches here in Dalian. This year, we had lots of sports such as football, basketball and badminton right from morning to the whole afternoon. In fact, everyone was practicing these sports before they came to the annual party. We were all so tired after all the sports, but inside us, we felt so good about having these sports and in these sports, we all learned that sports are good for health and the importance of team spirit in sport and work.We were divided into several small team and every team had a team leader. Some teams are better in football and some are in basketball. In sports, we didn't just have so much fun playing together, but we also learned how to cooperate better in order to achieve the same goal. That is why we decided to hold our company's annual party in the sport way from this year and it would be the same in the future as well. Sport is not just great! It is excellent:)

★After a tiring sports day, we put on some shows in a hotel restaurant and it was so relaxing to enjoy the food and watched some shows directed by each team.

★Before we finished our party, the president of the company gave some speech about company's overall situation as well as the vision for TOTIME in the coming years. TOTIME brings the most excellent tools with reasonable cost for every customer not just in China, Japan, but also the world.

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