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Each year, we as a fast-growing company in China, take good care of all our employees as we truly believe that it is our employees that creates and generates all the sales and profit for the company.

Employees are motivated by monthly sales target as well as annual sales target. Employees that have achieved annual sales target, will all be granted a free ticket for a tour either in China or outside of China, which is a vocation tour all under company's expense.

This year in early April, due to some personal reasons, some employees were unable to go for the vocation together. We picked Thailand as the vocation destination this year.  Thailand is one of the most popular country for travel in Asia as there are much to explore and enjoy in Thailand.

We spent a 5 day tour in Thailand mostly in Bangkok, and everyone had a great time. There were plenty of choices of activities to choose from with different levels of activity. Plenty of down time to explore. Our guide was amazing and felt like part of the family. We highly recommend the tour.

Everyone is looking forward to the next company tour in another country in 2018!


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