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Customer Service is Our Top Priority
We are not a manufacturer and our role is more like a bridge bringing the customers and the makers together.
Therefore, we always put customer as our top priority in our cooperate cultures.Under Japanese daily management, we are devoted to providing great customer service for every customer.Most importantly, our team understands your needs and offers service specifically tailored to your business.

Employee Importance

We, as a Chinese-Japanese joint venture, stick to the belief that employees are the blood of our company.In Jinsheng Trading, new employee has sufficient time to learn tools knowledge and how to work with others well.We highly value each employee as our family members and give them time and chance to adapt and grow.

Teamwork Spirit】

Team spirit can make or break a team.Teammates who have team spirit are better able to work together and achieve team goals.Every day we are fully carrying on our teamwork spirit by having cooperation, motivation, and respect!

  1. ★Cooperating is simply working together as teammates for the good of our team. Cooperation is a skill that our team members can sharpen during practice.
  2. Team members must fulfill their duties with 110% of their effort. Staying motivated shows team spirit because it shows that we want our team to do well. This includes being motivated to give every member's best in practice and in competition, as well as outside of team activities.
  3. Respect for every fellow team members is a must. We show respect to the teammates by treating everyone fairly and equally. Teammates also respect each other by allowing everyone to participate. Respecting fellow teammates keeps everyone in a good mood and encourages overall team spirit.

Join us, Join a Great Team!

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