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Hole processing

1. Product Analysis

Product Name: Automotive wheel bearing

The main function of the wheel bearing is to load-bearing and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the wheel , it bears both axial and radial loads , is an important part.

2. TOTIME Special spiral pointed tap for wheel bearing

1.Powder metallurgy high speed steel

2.Special helix angle and unique 5 cutting edge design, greatly improved product performance.

Product: Special spiral pointed tap for wheel bearing M14*1.5

Equipment: Vertical Machining Center

Material: Bearing steel(SUJ2)      Hardnes:HRC20

Thread: Through hole, depth:10.5mm   Cutting speed: Vc=30m/min

Holes number:3000 (600pcs)          Tool life:31.5m

Working condition: External coolant, water soluble cutting fluid.

The tool life is 20% longer than xx famous brand.


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