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Cutting Tools:
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4 cutting edges with chip breaker for grooving, parting and recessing

Four cutting edges with J, C, and S type chip breakers
TQJ and TQC are for excellent chip control and high quality surface finish grooving
TQS is for various widths and special insert geometries 

Internal turning, back turning, profiling, grooving, chamfering and face machining of small diameters


Internal machining from ?min 0.6mm

Best solution for internal turning, profiling, grooving and face machining especially on small diameters
TiAlN coating for extended tool life
Shank diameters: 4, 7mm
Internal coolant channel through the body directly to the cutting edge
Promotes better chip evacuation and longer tool life


New high pressure coolant capable groove-turning and parting tools

Excellent performance on difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, inconel and other heat resistant alloys

Good chip breaking on exotic materials under low feed rate conditions

Reduced cycle time and higher productivity due to increased cutting speeds and higher feed rates

Increased tool life even under normal coolant pressure

T-BURST holders are capable of up to 340 bar coolant pressure 

TAEGUTEC  Ltd.formerly known as Korea Tungsten Company, is a multinational corporation headquartered in Daegu, Korea. It is the largest cutting tools manufacturer in the Far East, also Korea's largest manufacturer of tungsten cutting tools and hard metal tools with the only integrated tungsten production plant in the world.

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